About Us

Our Story

Awardify Now started out as a team of consultants passionate about sharing the business strategies of major corporations with independent business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Through our extensive dealings with successful companies both large and small, we knew a businesses most powerful asset is its reputation and credibility. Increasing the value of this asset is key to increased sales and profitability. 

The problem is reputation building processes are extremely skewed. Large companies with established networks can afford to pay upwards of thousands of dollars to enter and acquire prestigious awards, often through private and tightly-kept channels, instantly increasing their brand value and clout. Yet this squeezes out many independent business owners and entrepreneurs that are deserving of recognition but don’t know of such opportunities.

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“Oftentimes award opportunities are non-public and made through private referral. Independent business owners and entrepreneurs are squeezed out of award-winning opportunities by large businesses.”

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Our mission is to give all companies, no matter what size, an even playing field when it comes to improving brand image and reputation through award opportunities.

After many years of networking, attending industry events and keeping in touch with business connections, we have built lasting relationships with a network of award organisations. 

We are now sharing this network with you so that you can succeed. We want to help you also be able to access private and tightly-kept award channels and become award-winning businesses, boosting conversions and sales.

We look forward to working with you!

– The Awardify Now Team